Supermarket savvy?

As a large family we get through a fair amount of food a week, We menu plan and shop with cost in mind until now. A few weeks ago we would regularly shop in Aldi, the budget retailer meant we could easily feed our family for around £80 a week all in, including cleaning products … Continue reading Supermarket savvy?


Plastic free July 2018

July has arrived and I have signed up with thousands of others to say no to single use plastics for "Plastic free July 2018". As we have already considerably reduced the amount of plastic we have at home I felt fairly confident that I would be able to reduce our plastic consumption further still but … Continue reading Plastic free July 2018

Suppliers, retailers & further reading.

Information & guides Here you'll find useful links to websites where I have found useful advice or where i have purchased items from. RHS.  The RHS guide to making compost.   The green age: Guides & information on energy saving.    Recycle now: intensive lists on what you can recycle & where to recycle them. … Continue reading Suppliers, retailers & further reading.