Plastic free July 2018

July has arrived and I have signed up with thousands of others to say no to single use plastics for “Plastic free July 2018”.

As we have already considerably reduced the amount of plastic we have at home I felt fairly confident that I would be able to reduce our plastic consumption further still but it seems I have slightly misjudged how simple it would be.

On Saturday we went bin bag less, as a household we have various bins in the house but it’s been relatively easy to get used to not seeing a bin bag in the bin, we’ve stepped up our recycling efforts and formulated a plan.

Food waste: Edible animal friendly, the dog gets a few extra bits in her bowl at tea time, fresh produce, tea bags etc get composted. This means hardly any food gets put in the bin, hurrah!

Council kerbside collections take various plastics, paper, cardboard, metal tins / cans, glass (see, soft bag type plastics are collected in one bag until food then taken to our local supermarket collection point, as does Britta water cartridges, batteries.



Then we have what’s left, those pesky single use, none recyclable plastics, on day 1 I was so disheartened as our little kitchen bin (6l sized) was filled to the top of single use plastics that can not be recycled, this made my heart sink, I felt we had some how failed but after an hour or two of reflection I thought well it could of been a lot worse and as a friend on facebook pointed out that some days you just have more plastic rubbish than others, maybe tomorrow will be better, she was absolutely right – I have to remember the bigger picture – we do far more than most families to reduce the amount of rubbish we send to land fill and we recycle an awful lot more than we ever used to and that makes a difference, so whilst we might not be completely plastic free by the end of July I am proud of my efforts and the efforts of my not so little family who are all working hard to follow the routines and plans I put in place. as the famous saying of one large chain says “Every little helps”!


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