Keeping it real with real nappies.

As you all know by now I have a not so little family of 5 children. My 4 children were brought up wearing disposable nappies but this time round I decided to give reusable nappies a try, having researched the various brands I opted for Bambino Miosoft nappies. I struck gold with a bargain birth to potty set purchased on eBay some had been lightly used but the majority was brand new in the packaging and I got it for the bargain price of £35! Once the nappies had arrived they were given a wash & then dried in the sunshine, for me there’s nothing better than seeing a washing line of baby clothes and nappies on the washing line.

Day one of use was a bit hit and miss, my baby was wetting through the nappies every hour to 2 hours so back onto the internet and a quick google on what folding method was best and I realized we needed boosters too, again another bargain on eBay got us what we needed for a tenner and added bonus of the supplier was local so now I have a great contact for future use!

A few days in with use of the newly acquired boosters and we’re succeeding at the real nappies, I still use a disposable over night as the reusable still only last my daughter 3 – 4 hours which is fine during the day but at night we need longer as she’s sleeping a good 11 – 12 hours at night now, Fingers crossed we’ll save a small fortune on nappies and will save almost one ton of disposables going to landfill before my daughter is potty trained.

At this point I must say I have had a wealth of advice from Facebook friends and of course good old google, without which I probably would of given up after the first few days, so Thank you to my Facebook friends & Google!

My top tips of succeeding at real nappies:

  • Do your research, look into what type of reusable nappy systems will suit you and your baby’s needs.
  • Consider joining a nappy lending service – this way you can trial different types of nappies without the initial out lay and you’ll find which type suits best.
  • Be prepared! make sure everything you need for a nappy change is to hand.
  • Soak the nappies in a good biological washing powder before you wash a load, don’t worry about the impact on baby’s skin if you use a non bio or like me an Ecoegg and a baby cycle on your washing machine the chemicals are well washed away and you’ll find there’s no staining.
  • Buy extra boosters & liners, it helps to increase the nappies absorbency and the disposable liners make it much easier to clean up after a runny number 2 and let’s face it all babies go through the explosive nappy phase.
  • Only line dry the liners and covers – the tumble dryer shortens the nappies life and of course line drying is so much better for the environment.

My only regret is I didn’t try reusable nappies sooner, If I’d been brave enough to try them on baby number 3 I could of saved myself so much money and there would of been much less waste going to landfill – As the saying goes, Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

Freshly laundered nappies

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